Wednesday, January 27, 2010

8 Mile Tempo

Today I had one of those runs that felt like I was going to die out there!

I was honestly reduced to a sad little girl sitting not on the curb but on somebody's cement fence taking a break because I felt destroyed by this run on the 7th mile. I started getting bad stomach cramps pretty much as soon as I hit 6 miles. I think it had to do with me not having enough water in my system. I was lazy and totally forgot to go buy water yesterday. So this morning (Noon for me because I work nights) I only had one glass of water with the blueberry muffin I had for breakfast. And of course I did not take a detour to get water at the park even though I already felt dehydrated by the second mile. =/

So there I was feeling like I couldn't catch my breath and my abdomen feeling like somebody just punched me repeatedly a bunch of times. I was sitting right by a small intersection with a light...I figured I'd wait for this green light to pass and then cross at the next one. But the damn light would not change! And I kept looking at the walk sign, and it's like it was telling me to get up and GO GO GO! It refused to change until I got my ass back up and kept going.

So I did just that and I felt much better after that. The pain was still there 'til I got home but I managed to keep up an 8:30 pace. The 7th mile of doom was at about 9:40! And I kept looking down at my Garmin wondering WTF? It felt like I was running as fast as I possibly could and that's how slow I was running.

Oh well...I pushed through it and finished the 8 miles. Considering I did not run at all last week and I only did a short easy run with my dog on Monday, I think I did quite well and my average pace ended up at around 8:56 which is quite good for that distance. Miles 2-6 and 8 where at about 8:30-40 pace.

I'm hoping to get in an easy run tomorrow because I'm actually feeling sore from today's workout. And I really hope I have it in me to do a miraculous long run this next weekend.

Oh and I do have to say that I was so glad to see the sun come out again today! After all the rain we've been having, it was a beautiful day in LA!

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