Thursday, January 14, 2010

18 miler tomorrow?

Didn't run today.

I've been trying to decide all day today whether I should do my 18 miler tomorrow or on Sunday. I usually do my long runs on Saturdays or Sundays but this weekend is super packed with social events that I've promised to attend. If I run this tomorrow I can get it over with and relax the rest of the weekend. I'll rest Saturday and then on Sunday I'll go for a 6 miler either with the DailyMile people or the Ragnar team.

The longest run I've done in the past month and a half since I started training again has been 15 miles. And that was the day after Christmas (26th). So almost 3 weeks ago! Yikes. Shit, I ran 15 miles only 3 weeks after I began running again. Crazy.

Anyway, I'm a little overwhelmed thinking about running this. I know that I can do it, especially since I'll be taking it slow. I just have to make sure I bring some gels with me and take a route where I can stop for water somewhere. But still...I'm scared and I'm beginning to feel the nervous butterflies in my stomach. 18 miles is a long way to go.

I think having a successful half marathon race this past weekend has rewired my brain. I'm obsessed with training to beat all my goals this year. I'm going crazy thinking about pace and how to get faster. I figure if I can improve so much in just a month and a half of training, then I should be able to improve a lot more in the next 2 months before the marathon. It's all I can think about!

Well, I hope tomorrow turns out well. My legs feel good today. I only did some short speedy runs on Tuesday and Wednesday so the legs are relatively fresh. I hope they will not die on me tomorrow. Let's be positive. We can do this, legs! :) We can so do this.

Happy Running!

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