Wednesday, May 5, 2010

OC Marathon 2010

Okay...well, here we go. It's gonna be another long one so thanks for reading if you do.

Week Before:
I went out and ran the Ragnar Relay SoCal the weekend before on Friday-Saturday. My total mileage for the race was 26 miles. Ragnar left me exhausted and feeling SO sluggish all week. To be honest, all week I doubted that I could even complete a marathon the next Sunday. My longest run between LA Marathon and now had only been 12 miles. And I had done a couple other 10 milers here and there but I had mostly been training with short runs. And I had had several sucky runs. And the additional strength training sessions at the gym had me feeling wiped out for the past few weeks. I was now struggling when running 9min pace on most days :/
I tried to remain in denial about this race for the first part of the week but as the days progressed and it was getting close to the weekend I started to get really scared. I felt like this race was going suck just like LA because not only did I feel unprepared but I also felt tired.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ragnar Relay Southern California 2010

This is my long overdue Ragnar race report!

What a crazy adventure it was! But one which I will cherish forever because I got to meet some great people who I am now privileged to call my friends :)

Where do I even begin?!