Monday, February 15, 2010

Past couple of weeks and coming up...

New post!
It's been a while. Nobody reads this yet anyway haha.

Anyway, the past couple of weeks have been weird. I had some pain on my right foot the week after my 20 miler so I took it easy that week, and then that next weekend I had all four of my wisdom teeth surgically removed so I didn't do any running for 5 days. Started to get back into it last Thursday.

This weekend I tried to go out for a 16 miler on Saturday and while the first 11 miles were great, I ran out of fuel on the 12th mile and only managed 14.5 and called it quits. I haven't felt that bad during a long run probably since my first 10 miler in december! The last couple of long runs I've done have been awesome and I've managed to always have a kick at the end. Not sure what went wrong but I'm not too worried about it (gasp!) ...I know that I have the mileage base to conquer a marathon at this point. I just think I didn't carboload enough the days before the run.

On Sunday I went out for a short recovery run because I've been skipping those during the last long runs and I know it's important to do them. So even though my legs felt like giant cinder blocks, I managed to put in a good 4.5 miles and my legs felt much better today. I didn't run today because I needed the rest but hopefully tomorrow I'll be good to go for another run.

And then next Sunday I have a race!!!!

It's an 18 mile race for Students Run LA. An organization I was part of in high school and to which I owe much of my love for long distance running!
I know I should just take it easy and run it like a training run but hey, I already know I'm going to use this as a test to see if I can hold up my desired marathon pace for LA.

Oh and this past friday I also met up with a group of my dailymile friends for the first time at a dinner party that Tracy hosted. It was the most fun I have had in a long time and I'm so inspired by each one of them. It's great to be surrounded by people that have the same passion for running :)

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